“…Who pays for all this?”


Legal charges are a concern for all clients particularly in the current economic climate.


I once represented a client in a multi-party mediation. My client was among a number of co-defendants and the mediation was held in the impressive city offices of the plaintiff’s big firm solicitors. 


Multi-party mediations can be quite tedious with lengthy break out periods when the mediator is in private discussions with other parties. After many such intervals my client was visibly becoming increasingly impressed with the vast “Wall Street” style law office; the conspicuous works of art on display; the smoked salmon and crème fraîche finger sandwiches served with copious coffee refills until at one point, following a sudden unease in his composure, he turned to me and asked “…who pays for all this?”


We do not provide our clients with fancy sandwiches nor do we charge our clients for carrying big city firm office overheads.


We do charge our clients keen hourly rates, reflecting the times we live in, for work efficiently carried out by a law firm that specialises in and understands construction (terms and conditions apply).


In a nutshell: we can offer a specialised big firm service at small firm charges.


An informative leaflet on Legal Costs published by the Law Society of Ireland can be found here